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 Ranking up in the Clan

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PostSubject: Ranking up in the Clan   Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:25 pm

Owner: Voted upon by any Star+ rank
(Please note) Key+ ranks take a preliminary yes/no vote, deciding whether or not to call a vote for a new Owner

Any Admin+ rank: Voted upon by anyone of a higher rank
(Ex: Admin to Organizer is voted on by Organizer+ ranks)

Any General-- rank: Given by familiarity and activeness


We rank up if you stay active in the clan chat, just talking shows us that you want to be in the clan.

Visiting and/or capping in the citadel is a great way to rank-up. The first cap we guarantee a rank up.

Attending clan events such as clan meetings, boss trips, skilling events, minigames, and other fun activities.

Recruiting players into the clan.

Helping new players/clanmates with the game, especially introducing them to citadel mechanics.

Doing extraordinary deeds that go noticed by members of the clan.


Ask for rank ups.

Offer bribes for rank ups.

In addition, the TRS Clan Tracker continually logs everyone in the clan, each member's rank, and notes whenever a person joins or leaves.

It can be viewed by anyone!

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Ranking up in the Clan
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